Dorothy Maclean (1920 –

It was Sheena Govan who brought Dorothy Maclean into contact with Peter and Eileen Caddy and the embryonic work that led to the establishment of the Findhorn Foundation. Dorothy said of Sheena: ‘Sheena Govan was a being whom I could love, respect, and listen to. She sensed a pattern and plan for world growth and trained us for a role in that. Her application of spiritual principles to our private lives went beyond my beloved Sufi teachings. The truth and love she wielded made me ask if I was willing to see the truth, to change and become a true server of God.’  (Paul Hawken in The Magic of Findhorn)

As with Eileen Caddy, Dorothy began to hear a voice that offered guidance, a voice that at first she resisted but learned to trust as something genuine. She had worked for British Intelligence, which is where she came into contact with Sheena and was working as a Fleet Street newspaper secretary when she first started receiving messages. Later, when she moved into closer contact with Peter and Eileen she heard: ‘The forces of nature are something to be felt into, to be stretched out to…One of the jobs for you is to feel into the Nature forces such as the wind, feel its essence and purpose for Me, and be positive and harmonise with that essence. It will not be as difficult as you immediately imagine because the beings of these forces…will be glad to feel a friendly power…Play your part in making life one again, with My help.’  (Paul Hawken in The Magic of Findhorn)

This led Dorothy to co-operating with nature and the spirits of nature as a revelatory exercise where the natural world reached out to humanity at a time of crisis. A crisis that was ecological, spiritual and global. Another aspect of this work was undertaken by R. Ogilvie Crombie, work that would coalesce around those who settled at Findhorn in the early years. Although Dorothy occasionally doubted, it was Peter Caddy who had absolute faith in these messages from Eileen and Dorothy so forming a Triad of Inspiration, in effect, building a bridgehead between humanity and the living forces of Planet Earth. Through contact with a Landscape Angel Dorothy was told that wonders could be worked if humanity entered into a new era of co-operation and harmony with the spirits over-lighting the garden at Findhorn. Dorothy used the Hindu word ‘deva’ for the beings she was receiving messages from.

There in the north of Scotland on poor quality sandy soil a garden of abundance blossomed. This was the result of this co-operative exercise. The main message of Dorothy’s life remains – to reverse the destruction wreaked upon this beautiful planet humanity has to recognise the Divinity within and the wholeness of which humanity is a part.

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(Photograph courtesy of the Findhorn Foundation)