R. Olgivie Crombie (1899 – 1975)

R. Ogilvie Crombie was born in Edinburgh. His main interest while growing up was studying science, something he had to relinquish as a profession while a student because of a congenital heart defect. However, he took to a life of quiet study – of music, photography, electronics, chemistry, physics and mathematics, amassing a library of over 7,000 books. He was described as a warm yet inscrutable, almost magical figure, whose mellifluous voice can be heard to great effect on the 2010 CD ‘Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom.’ (Findhorn Press)

This recording tells how in March 1966 ROC (as he was known) first came into contact with a representative from the world of nature (a faun) in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Gardens that led on to encounters with the mythical being known as Pan – the God of woodlands, countryside and nature forces. These encounters happened in Scotland and on the Mile Walk at Attingham Park (see Sir George Trevelyan). Through these meetings and after meeting Dorothy Maclean at Findhorn ROC was able to clarify that we can think of ‘devas’ as angelic beings whereas nature spirits are the builders working to an archetypal design – the form. ROC accepted science’s current analysis as far as it went (in the 1960’s and 70’s) re the genetic code but hoped that proof of the etheric body (and subtle world) would soon be discovered.

In ‘The Magic of Findhorn’ by Paul Hawken (Fontana/Collins 1975) Roc is quoted: ‘Many people will find it impossible to believe me. This I understand. It is difficult to comprehend at first the idea of elves, gnomes, and fairies working in the garden. Their primary basic state is in what may be termed a ‘light body.’ It is not easy to describe in words, it is nebulous like a fine mist, being a whirl or vortex of energy in constant motion. All are beautiful, pure, and harmonious, glowing with inward radiance. It is possible to see and to communicate with these light bodies.’

ROC felt it was important to the future of humanity that belief in the nature spirits and their god Pan is re-established. Peter Caddy thought of ROC as one of the most powerful men he had ever met and his great knowledge of the inner worlds enabled Findhorn to be protected during its early establishing years. On a journey around Britain in May 1966 Peter and ROC began cleansing the ancient network of power centres throughout the country (Albion). This cleansing would happen by ROC anchoring through his body into the ground what he experienced as a magenta ray of light. When Peter Caddy wrote his memoir ‘In Perfect Timing’ (Findhorn Press 1995) he dedicated it to Robert Ogilvie Crombie – Roc – my Friend – As great a Magician, as humble as a Man. In Gratitude.’ George Trevelyan called him ‘Ogilvie, the Merlin figure, surely to us is Gandalf, the White Magician.’

His work is recounted in ‘The Gentleman and the Faun’ (Findhorn Press 2009) and ‘The Occult Diaries of R. Ogilvie Crombie’ by Gordon Lindsay (Starseed Publications 2011).