The Heart of Light

One Spirit Alliance is exploring a project in collaboration with others to offer a united focus for all groups who are conscious of working with the light. The idea is to develop a regular time of attunement when individuals of an infinite number of persuasions all focus in a single practice invoking the heart of light, symbolizing love and wisdom. This is a bringing into alignment of heart and mind so that the warmth of the heart projects through a clear mind.  Within this basic practice, any number of variations and chosen formulas are possible. The originators of the project have no desire to limit or control the individual choices of all those who participate, be they groups of people or individuals. The practice is yours; the linking is absolutely voluntary.

The fundamental idea is simply to manifest both the love of the heart and the wisdom of the mind, in union. Such a practice is already universal in a thousand different forms – in traditional prayers, in the formulas of teachers such as Peter Deunov, the work of the Brahma Kumaris, in a great many traditions of meditation, in the Great Invocation, and in symbols such as the six-pointed star with its merging triangles. The project website would allow a list of the many different ways in which love and wisdom may manifest.

Here is a practice devised to initiate the project, but intended as an example, and ideally using a candle:

Say to yourself, reflecting on your own heart of light:
I am a manifestation of love and wisdom (light the candle)
I manifest love and wisdom (meditate with the candle and send forth light)
Love and wisdom manifest themselves through me (hold the light within as you extinguish the candle)

One Spirit Alliance would like to develop this project with your help. The intention is to develop connection, and therefore the project is intended to link with initiatives such as the worldwide Silent Minute and the work of every other organization or movement whose message is one of goodwill. Anyone on earth can participate, and the unifying factor is simply the time – 9 pm in whatever time zone the person is living in. Everyone should know that when they cannot manage the actual moment, the attunement is still taken forward by all others who share the vision. Some will prefer a longer, but less frequent attunement, but the link is made by focusing on the time of 9 pm.

To enable us all to develop the project, please contact the OSA ( or phone 07771 701031 if you do not have email access) to say if you would like to take part and to tell us of any verbal, visual or other formula that you might yourself seek to use. Thus a White Eagle follower might offer the visual focus of the six-pointed star, a follower of Alice Bailey might nominate the Great Invocation, and so on. Name the group you are part of, if appropriate – and your own name and email, if you would like to be connected with the initiation of this project. As far as possible all truly individual and helpful formulas will appear on a project website and a simple selection of them in printed literature.